"Friends of Châlus and its region " in 1973,

Then " History and Archaeology of the Pays of Châlus " in 1993.

Our association law 1901 continues to proceed to the inventory, to the study, to the preservation, to the development of the scientific, cultural and archaeological heritage of the Country of Châlus.

Our will is to TRANSMIT.

We welcome and gather(collect) all the people who are interested in the heritage and in the life of the Pays of Châlus.

Our slogan :

" We are, neither historian, nor a writer, but CHÂLUSIEN "

For our president:

" To MAKE act of memory, it is to make act of LIFE "


  • History

    The association was created by Mister Maurice Robert under the name of " THE FRIENDS OF CHÂLUS ET ITS REGION ", on December 18th, 1970.

    Important dates :

    • 1979 : Gabriel FONTANILLE resumes the presidency
    • In April 4th, 1980 : Gabriel FONTANILLE, CEO and founder and Maurice Robert, President
    • In March 30th, 1984 : constitution of the first office : Roger BOUDRIE, President; Gilbert DESVALOIS, Vice-president; Marc RABY, Secretary and mister . MARIAUD, Treasurer
    • In February 9th, 1994 : decision of change of name " HISTORY ASSOCIATION AND ARCHAEOLOGY OF the COUNTRY OF CHÂLUS "
    • In July 9th, 1998 : installation in premises given by René EXCOUSSEAU (avenue of 19 Mars 1962)
    • In October 13th, 2000 : participation in " Doors Opened to the Departmental archives of the Haute-Vienne " and membership to S.A.H. Limousin
      In July, 2001: installation in " the Former Salting MERLE " given by Anne-Laure RÉVEILHAC DE MAULMONT
    • In November 29th, 2001: new office : Roger BOUDRIE, President (on 1984 - 2003) ; Louis BELAIR, Vice-president ; Andrée DELAGE, Secretary and Marie-Louise RABY, Treasurer
    • 2003 in 2011 : Andrée DELAGE, President
    • 2012 in 2020 : Francis LAROULANDIE, President and creation of the logo (under the current shape of a blazon) 
      In June, 2013 : installation in the new places given by the city hall of CHÂLUS (24 National street - the Old stables of the Inn Limousine Trarieux)
      In February, 2014 : Naming of this place " ECOMUSEUM OF the COUNTRY OF CHÂLUS "
    • In June, 2014 : installation of the statue of the Shepherdess says "Lo Maï Milan", sculptured by Henri Coutheillas and inaugurated on October 21st, 1923
    • in August, 2015: creation of the web site of the association
    • 2020 : Celebration of 50 years of our association
    • 2021 this day : Sébastien CHAMPAGNE, new President